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The Starlit Sanctuary

Day or night, your ceremony will be lit by stars.

This beautiful venue is steeped in history and romance.

Your special day will be filled with memorable moments. When you and your partner add your own stars, names and ceremony date to the walls of Constellation Hall, you will become a lasting part of the 156-year-old building.

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The Starlit Sanctuary

The non-denominational sanctuary seats 300 in the solid wood pews, polished by generations of parishioners. Soaring above is the paneled ceiling with corbels and beams that date back to the same year the Roebling Bridge was completed.

Ten original stained glass windows line the side walls of the sanctuary and three stunning gothic windows span the rear wall. The altar is raised four steps above the seating area and is lit by a seeded glass, star-shaped pendant. The choir loft is accessible for a photographer or videographer.

altar star light.jpg
choir loft.jpg

Constellation Hall

Your guests will enter the building through arched wood doors into Constellation Hall. Details of your event can be posted inside the vintage glass frame that hangs there.

Signing the wall: After your ceremony, the Star Box will be brought to you. Inside, you will find the stamps, ink and pens you'll use to add your own stars, names and ceremony date to one of the blue walls in Constellation Hall, becoming a lasting part of the building's history.

Custom Constellation: Your guests will climb the Stairway to Heaven, which leads to the second level of Constellation Hall, right outside the Starlit Sanctuary. Painted on this ceiling are custom constellations that represent families like yours who have designed a pattern that includes stars for their family members. With the rental of this venue, you will receive a discounted price to design your own constellation. An artist will paint it on the ceiling for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about the discount and the constellation process here.

second level of Constellation Hall.heic
stars on wall.jpg

Your names, stars and ceremony date painted on the wall

custom constellation .jpg

Your custom constellation painted on the ceiling outside the sanctuary

Private Dressing Room

Located off Constellation Hall is the private dressing room where you and your attendants can prepare for the ceremony. The space includes comfortable seating, two large mirrors and good lighting. If you need more room, this space opens up to a larger area that you can use.

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