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Historic, romantic, joyful

The Starlit Sanctuary is perfect for your ceremony, as you welcome your guests to your celebration in the charming 1800's church, lit by the stars.


You get it all

Your Friday or Saturday ceremony rental fee is $1,500. For Sunday events, the fee is $1,300. All events include:

The Starlit Sanctuary

  • 1- hour rehearsal

  • 4-hour event day rental (additional hours available for $100 each)

Constellation Hall

  • Gathering spaces on first and second levels

  • Use of the Star Box to add your stars, names and ceremony date to the wall

Dressing Room

  • Private space to prepare for the ceremony

Event Day Coordinator

  • On-site contact to make sure everything goes smoothly

Discounted Constellation

  • With your paid rental, you receive $100 off a custom constellation. Learn more here

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Custom Constellations

When you love each other "to the stars and back," celebrate that love with a custom constellation.


Each constellation on the ceiling of Constellation Hall is custom designed and hand painted. Here's how it works:

  1. The shape of the constellation is based on the family's last name or other name they'd like to use. These larger stars form the outline of the constellation.

  2. The smaller inner stars represent members of the family. When someone joins the family or a baby is born, new stars can be added to your constellation to celebrate.

  3. When a new constellation is ready to be added to the ceiling, an artist is brought in to paint it. 

  4. You receive a photo of your constellation, along with a map showing its placement among the other constellations.


$250 for the constellation and two inner stars. 

Additional inner stars can be added at the time of constellation purchase for $30 each.

If inner stars are added later, they are $50 each or two for $90.

Discount with venue rental fee: If you purchase a constellation when you reserve the venue for your ceremony, you can deduct $100 off the constellation price. This means that the constellation would be $150. The pricing for additional inner stars is the same as shown above.

Tax Deduction Acknowledgement Letter

Because  the price of your constellation is a donation toward the Community Montessori Scholarship Fund, we send you a letter to use when filing your taxes.

To order your custom constellation, click on the button below.

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